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Fluvial and Tidal Wetland Rehabilitation

Here is where we combine our tools from the toolbox to produce projects!

Types of Projects

  • Floodplain and Channel Management

  • Fluvial and Tidal Wetland Rehabilitation

  • Green Urban Stormwater
  • cbec specializes in fluvial and tidal water resources rehabilitation.

    cbec staff has numerous years experience of assessment, design and implementation of rehabilitation of fluvial and tidal water resources situations. We prefer to use the term “rehabilitation” rather than “restoration” because invariably it is impossible to completely restore a system to its pre-disturbance condition.

    cbec staff experience in fluvial and tidal water resources rehabilitation is extensive. This is where we bring it all together – hydraulics, hydrology, geomorphology, design and field services – we integrate all these skills to develop sustainable, holistic and innovative solutions to our water resources related problems. Of course, since we pride ourselves in eco engineering, we strive to combine the requirements of ecological processes with physical processes. Physical processes are our specialty, but many of our staff have an ecological background.

    Some flavors of the types of rehabilitation projects we undertake are:

    • Streambank stabilization – here we integrate the latest thinking in biotechnical methods for stabilization such as live siltation, willow staking with adaptations of traditional approaches, such as longitudinal peaked stone toe protection.

    • Large scale floodplain management/rehabilitation – cbec staff has been involved in two of the largest floodplain rehabilitation projects in California as part of the Feather and Bear River Levee Setback Projects. We are also part of the Environmental Stewardship Scope Definition Work Group formed as part of the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) development and we are working with the Sacramento Valley Flood Control Action Work Group. This group was brought together by local reclamation districts and flood control agencies to provide input into the CVFPP.

    For more information, check out the Design page.

    • Fisheries habitat rehabilitation

    cbec rehabilitation design – bringing our skills and innovation together.

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