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Floodplain and Channel Management

Here is where we combine our tools from the toolbox to produce projects!

Types of Projects

  • Floodplain and Channel Management

  • Fluvial and Tidal Wetland Rehabilitation

  • Green Urban Stormwater
  • cbec specializes in floodplain and channel management. Our staff has worked diligently in recent years to develop multi-objective, holistic, and sustainable solutions to floodplain and channel management. Through our work we have tried to balance the needs of flood risk management, ecosystem enhancement, agriculture and urban development.

    Chris Bowles has been focusing on floodplain management for many years, is a regular contributor at Floodplain Management Association (FMA) events, has been on the conference organizing committee at FMA for the last three conferences. He has presented his ideas for floodplain management numerous times, including FMA conferences and the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME, 2006).

    John Stofleth, Chris Campbell and Chris Bowles all worked on the Bear River and Feather River Levee Setback Projects (through a previous employer). These projects have pioneered the use of levee setbacks for flood risk reduction and ecosystem enhancement.

    Feather River Levee Setback under construction.

    Feather River Levee Setback under construction.

    Chris Bowles has developed a channel management project in the UK, where he is using the experience gained in the US to help improve management of waterways in England. Working with agricultural land managers, the Environment Agency and local district councils, he is developing a multi-objective management plan which balances the needs of agricultural land drainage, flood risk management and ecosystem enhancement.

    Stream power calculation for the River Derwent Catchment in England.

    Land drainage ditches within the Vale of Pickering, Yorkshire, England.

    Organizational structure for proposed channel management in Vale of Pickering, Yorkshire, England.

    Holistic, multi-objective, sustainable...that’s how we think at cbec

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