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Hydrology is the driver behind all our aquatic ecosystems. At cbec, our staff have been applying hydrologic techniques and pioneering new methodologies for many years.

What is eco engineering?

  • Eco engineering describes water resources engineering services that are concerned with developing and providing ecologically sensitive and environmentally sustainable solutions in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology and restoration and rehabilitation design.
  • Our hydrologic services include the use of programs such as HEC-HMS, SWMM and HSPF to calculate runoff from watersheds. Our staff routinely uses hydrologic modeling at the watershed scale, including water balance, spreadsheet, and GIS techniques. We use HEC-HMS in conjunction with the Soil Moisture Algorithm and we have been pioneering its use for continuous, long-term simulations for hydromodification planning.

    Flow duration curves produced pre- and post-development, as a result of hydromodification mitigation.

    Work curves resulting from continuous simulation analysis connected to a hydraulic model.

    cbec also has extensive experience in modeling studies where surface water and groundwater are closely linked.

    Surface water-groundwater modeling results showing water table elevation. (Reference: C. T. Hammersmark, M.C. Rains, and J. Mount. 2008. Quantifying the Hydrological Effects of Stream Restoration in a Montane Meadow, Northern California, USA River Research and Applications. 24: 735–753.)

    Talk about hydrology - check out this video of Arcade Creek in Sacramento, California. During a recent event in October 2009, Arcade Creek rose over 10 feet in six hours! The video shows how the creek flows changed in just 1 hour! This is a classic example of the effects of hydromodification as a result of a highly impervious watershed.

    Hydrology, Hydraulics, Geomorphology, Design, and Field Services - these are the tools in our toolbox. See Projects for how we combine them all...

    cbec – experts in hydrology

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