Study, Protect, Improve and Manage Water Dependent Eco Systems

Field Services

Playing in water is our specialty! Our highly experienced team of hydro-geomorphologists have expertise in the full breadth of field services.

What is eco engineering?

  • Eco engineering describes water resources engineering services that are concerned with developing and providing ecologically sensitive and environmentally sustainable solutions in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology and restoration and rehabilitation design.
  • cbec performs a variety of field services to support project specific needs. Such services include:

    • Topographic and bathymetric surveying – cbec owns RTK GPS equipment and bathymetric hydrographic survey equipment, and uses them in a variety of different settings.

    Bank and levee morphology surveys.

    Floodplain topographic surveys using ATVs can dramatically speed up data collection.

    Calibrating GPS to control set by Licensed Land Surveyor.

    • Water level and water quality monitoring – cbec owns as suite of water level recorders (pressure transducers) for measuring water level from tidal to fluvial environments. We own a variety of different gauges from Solinst, to Schlumberger, and Hobo. In terms of water quality monitoring we specialize in long term monitoring of parameters such as temperature, DO, turbidity, conductivity, pH, and nutrients.

    Thermal Effects Study - Thermal Plume Visualization

    • Velocity and discharge measurements – cbec frequently undertakes velocity and discharge measurements to USGS specifications. We carry equipment ranging from Marsh-McBirney velocity meters, Sontek FloTrackers and Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers.

    Taking velocity measurements to calculate flow.

    Preparing and ADCP ready for deployment using a catamaran.

    • Long-term meteorological monitoring – for our hydrodynamic and water quality modeling we frequently need meteorological data, including water and air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, and precipitation. cbec staff has extensive experience in measuring these parameters.

    • GPS mapping – cbec owns the latest technology in RTK GPS and regularly uses it for our projects.

    • Sediment characterization – cbec staff has experiencing in measurement of bed load and suspended load for sediment transport purposes.

    Hydrology, Hydraulics, Geomorphology, Design, and Field Services - these are the tools in our toolbox. See Projects for how we combine them all...

    cbec... always innovating.

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